Trish's 4 week keto plan

You probably ended up here because I posted on Facebook somewhere how I lost 95 lbs eating keto - and you want in. Well here ya go - a full month of meals "how Trish eats them!"  


You'll notice my plan doesn't include a traditional "breakfast" because I intermittent fast, but a fat coffee, eggs and bacon, chia pudding, a quest protein bar/cookie, or really any of the meals here all make great breakfast options if you feel like you need one. I personally prefer to eat two 1,000+ calorie meals and a snack a day, but you can easily split some of the ingredients out of the meals I have listed to make these into 3 meals or have the 'snack' for breakfast and then the larger meals later, or the larger meals earlier and the snack later etc.

Am I perfect - OH HELL NO. I've taken FULL advantage of every BBQ and beer offered to me this summer :) But I know exactly what plan I'll use to reign it all in! 

I try hard to avoid anything packaged/processed when I can, but realistically, if it fits my macros, I eat it! I also use myfitnesspal to track, and manually set my macro goals using this calculator

Feel free to message me on Facebook or hit the contact link below if you have any questions!